RECIPE: Enchiladas Gloria


A local Mexican restaurant had a dish called "Enchiladas Gloria". We don't know who Gloria was and the rare dish we've seen online with that name bears no resemblance. We've done our best to duplicate the meal, and while we're not sure it is exactly the same, it is quite delicious. It is more the 'thought' that count as the amounts of filling and topping are really just whatever you like.  And when you are looking to pair it with wine, a Coffaro Zinfandel or Block 4 would be just the thing.

Generally many would say that this dish is a smothered or 'wet' burrito as enchiladas usually use corn tortillas. We are using flour. Still, this is what the restaurant called it, thus, so be it.

Gloria Sauce: For the sauce we take a 14oz can of diced tomatoes with juice and puree on high speed in a blender with a little bit of chicken boullion (or salt) and a dash of Maggi Jugo (optional). That goes into a pot and simmers with a small pat of butter and one small onion (or equivalent) cut in to tenths (making crescents), give or take. Add a little extra water to start to extend the cooking time and cook until it is reduced just a bit and the onions are cooked. If it gets too thick, just add back some water. We'll use the sauce for 3 or 4 enchiladas.

Ingredients for one enchilada. Sometimes we make 3, sometimes 4.

Gloria Sauce (above)
1 10-12" (give or take, ours are homemade) flour tortilla
2 oz Mexican chorizo
4 oz. Chicken (we use leftovers from a roast chicken), shredded
1 small onion
Cheddar cheese

Saute the chorizo and onion until the chorizo is cooked and onion is soft. (NOTE: you could use fresh chicken, in which case you can cook it with the chorizo and onion. Take care not to overcook, white meat cooks faster than dark so take that into account when adding to the mix)

Fill a warm tortilla with the warm chorizo/chicken mixture. Wrap up burrito style. Pour sauce onto a microwave proof serving plate. Place tortilla on sauce. Grate the cheese over the top. Microwave until everything is warmed through and cheese is melted. Top with Guacamole.

ALTERNATE METHOD: Broil the tortilla topped with cheese until melted, then transfer serving to a dish with sauce on the bottom.

We used white cheddar cheese so it is hard to see in the picture and most of it is under the guacamole, though some ended up in the sauce. Use whatever and as much of it as you like.

When we serve just one, we might put chopped lettuce around the edge of the plate, topped with black pepper and a little oil and vinegar.