Why do you sell your wine as futures?

We believe in selling our wines at a fair price. We are essentially cutting out the middle man by selling our wine directly to our customers at the same price as we would receive if we were to sell to a distributor. This works well for both the winery and the customer. We end up getting money to make the wine and you end up receiving spectacular wine at a substantial discount. 

How do wine futures work?

We sell approximately 60% of our production every year through our futures program. Essentially you are tasting the wine from the barrel, then purchasing it at a roughly 40% discount from their eventual release price. You are then able to take possession of the wine as early as August following the year in which the wine was produced, or for our longer 16-month barrel-aged wines, as early as February of the year after that. 

When can I buy futures, and when are they released?

We begin selling futures of the current year's vintage in April of that year and continue selling futures on that vintage until bottling in July of the following year. Any wine that remains unsold after bottling is then available for sale at retail prices.

When will I receive my 10-month and 16-month aged futures?

We release our 10-month wines in July of each year and our 16-month wines in February of the following year. We let our customers decide for themselves when they would like the wine shipped by providing us with shipping instructions at the time of release. We find that most customers generally prefer to choose a shipping date in the fall for the 10-month wines and in the spring for the 16-month wines, when weather conditions are more favorable.

How long do David Coffaro wines age and when should I drink them?

This question is a popular and difficult one. Once again personal preference should be obeyed and not the opinion of someone else. If you prefer fruit-forward, upfront, and vibrant wines, then you probably would enjoy our wines anywhere from 3 months after bottling to 3 years. If you like them with a little bit more subtlety and character, then aim for 3-6 years. If you like your wines rich, complex, and softer, then you will want to look for the 7+ years.